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Brand Review: Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.)

Woman holding a makeup brush

By now you have more than likely heard of Eyes Lips Face, also known as ELF Cosmetics. It is a low-cost brand that can be found online as well as in Target stores. They are primarily known for their makeup but have recently introduced a skincare line as well.

My absolute favorite part of the line is the brushes. The white-handled ones are cheaper and, in my opinion, do not last as long, but the black-handled ones are quite good considering the price point. The most expensive one is $6.00. They have some unique ones that I was curious about, and at that price, it was easy to test them out. As it turns out, the Studio Fan Brush I tried ended up being one of my favorites to use with face powder. It picks up just enough product to dust off the shine from my nose without looking heavy. The powder that I typically use with it comes from ELF as well, the Tone Correcting Powder in Cool. It does a beautiful job of smoothing out discolorations and shine without that heavily made-up look or feel.

Regarding their color products, I have enjoyed the Beautifully Bare Blush in Rose as a light cheek tint as well as the Cream Eyeliner in Coffee as a good basic eyeliner. Amazingly enough, this $3.00 eyeliner even includes the slanted eyeliner brush!

Overall the quality is surprisingly good in my opinion. Not everything was great (I strongly dislike the taste and scent of the Super Glossy Lip Shine).

I would highly recommend this brand if there is some trend you have been interested in trying, such as a cobalt blue eyeliner or a bright red lipstick. Because of the price point, it’s an excellent way to play!

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