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Category Archives: Makeup

Emerging Makeup Trends for Fall 2016

Women getting eyeliner applied

Yes, the thermometers are still spiking in the triple digits and the community pools are still overflowing with grade-schoolers, but school is just around the corner and the runways are showing off their fall trends. There are a few trends that seem ‘unwearable’ for normal life but some of them are quite wearable for most […]

How to Transition Your Makeup from Desk to Date

Woman checking her face in compact mirror

For the most part, we have a certain look that we wear to work and a certain look that we wear out on the town.  And when it is a Saturday night, we have all the time in the world to get ready.  But what do we do if the date is in the middle […]

Basic Tips for Using Highlighters

Woman holding a makeup brush

The overall purposes of using a highlighter are to accentuate the bone structure of your face and to give your skin the lit-from-within glow that everyone desires.  Just remember, you are looking for glow not glitter!  Two of my very favorite highlighter products are from Benefit Cosmetics, Watts Up Cream Highlighter which is champagne and […]

What are the Essential Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brushes on wooden table

While recently cleaning out my scary large makeup collection, I realized that somehow I had accumulated dozens of makeup brushes!  It was absurd since I only have one face and only apply makeup once a day!  I have not decided what to do with the ‘overage’ yet, but I have pared down which ones I […]

The Makeup Show – Dallas

Cosmetic products on table

What?  A trade show all about makeup?  Where do I sign up?  The Makeup Show is coming to Dallas!  If you are not in the Dallas area, do not feel too left out, there are also shows in Chicago, Orlando, New York, and Los Angeles with a pop-up shop in San Francisco. The Dallas event […]

The Basics of Tightlining

Woman applying eyeliner

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of tightlining, it is the method of eyeliner application that nestles the color right in between the eyelashes.  It gives the eyes a defined look without the makeup being too obvious.  It also makes the lashes appear longer and thicker, again without the obvious makeup look. The […]

The Five-Product Face

Woman applying makeup

It sounds almost unimaginable to some of us, a complete face with only five products.  But it is doable!  Here is a quick rundown of the five-product face.  It is great for travel, or for keeping in your gym bag or your desk drawer.  For realism, I do not count applicators or brushes as any […]

What are the Recent Summer Makeup Trends?

Woman with natural makeup

When we hit those summer months, there is always the addition of waterproof mascara and a cheek stain instead of cream or powder blush.  But what are the trends for summer makeup 2016? Face – “Non-touring” sounds like a wonderful trend. It is the opposite of that heavy contoured appearance.  In the summer, we tend […]

The Great Foundation Search

Woman choosing foundation in cosmetics aisle

I have been on the search for a new foundation, and have recently discovered that there are more types than I thought possible! Sure, we all know about the traditional liquids, the more recent mineral powders, and the advent of the BB and CC creams. But there are even more types it would seem, and […]

Waterproof Makeup and the Removal of Waterproof Makeup

Woman applying makeup

With the summer months comes heat and humidity and time outdoors. Enter waterproof (or water resistant) makeup! Yes, it is nearly impossible to have truly waterproof makeup, so what are the options for those times we want to look our best at the pool party when it is over 100 degrees in the shade? The […]