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What are the Recent Summer Makeup Trends?

Woman with natural makeup

When we hit those summer months, there is always the addition of waterproof mascara and a cheek stain instead of cream or powder blush.  But what are the trends for summer makeup 2016?

  • Face – “Non-touring” sounds like a wonderful trend. It is the opposite of that heavy contoured appearance.  In the summer, we tend to wear less makeup anyway, and this fits right in.  All you need are tinted moisturizer, soft shimmer, and a highlighter for that dewy glow.  If that does not suit your preferences or your skin type, “sandbagging” or “baking” is another option.  This one involves caking loose powder around the eyes and mouth for a matte finish.  It is the reverse of fresh glowing skin, but if you tend to have oilier skin anyway, the summer will probably exacerbate that and powder is probably the way to go.
  • Eyes – There are all kinds of surprising trends going on with the eye area. Negative space eyeliner (graphic placement to emphasize the cut-out space such as black liquid liner directly on the crease), colored mascara of all shades, and glossy lids are all trending this summer.  Bright blues are a definite runway trend as well.  Please do note, it is probably not a good look to use these all at once!
  • Lips – It seems that all of the trends for lips are bold and bright. Everything from nearly black plum to vivid reds to highlighter pinks.  Even the bright orangey corals and melons are popping up.  Also trending are lip oils which can be an excellent combination of moisture and color and shine.

Whatever makeup trend you choose to play with, make sure that you layer it with your sunscreen.  All trends look better with healthy and protected skin underneath.

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