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Beauty Emergency: Eyeshadow or Mascara Fall-Out on Your Cheeks

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Even if we use the best brands available, there is still always the possibility of eyeshadow flakes or mascara fall-out that lands on our cheeks after we’ve carefully blended out all of our foundation, concealer, and blush.  Most of us rarely have the time to start over, but we certainly do not want to walk around with the dark flakes under our eyes.

  • Correction: More than likely, you do not want to use anything wet or damp to remove the flakes since that could end up smearing the color instead of removing it. If you leave it dry, it is usually easier to remove.  A dry tissue or a cotton swab is your best bet for sweeping away the flakes and micro-glitter.
  • Prevention: If you want to be fancy in your prevention techniques, there are little shield tools that can help, such as the Mascara and Shadow Shield from Eyes Lips Face (ELF). You can also apply a thick layer of translucent powder under your eyes before applying your eye makeup, and then just sweep everything away when you are finished. I find it easier to simply do my eye makeup first before I do the rest of my face.  That way, if anything does happen to fall, I can simply clean it up with a cotton swab without worrying about ruining the rest of my face makeup.

Most of us are trained from an early age to apply our face makeup first, then our eye makeup.  If you take care of your eyeshadow and eyeliner and mascara first, it is actually much easier to clean up any mistakes or mess that it may cause, without ruining the rest of your face.  It also helps me create a more balanced look.

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