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Beauty Emergency: That Untimely Red Spot on Your Cheek

Woman with acne breakout

It always seems to happen on the day of an interview or as you are getting ready for that first date — the unwanted appearance of a blemish right in the middle of your face.  Do not despair, and do not cancel your event.  You can make it out of this alive!

  • Correction: Believe it or not, Visine will help reduce that redness, same as it does for your eyes. Soak a cotton swab and hold it on the spot for a few minutes.  To reduce any swelling you might have, wrap an ice cube in a paper towel, and hold it over the blemish for five to ten minutes.  If the place in question is flaky, be sure to buff them off gently and then dab moisturizer on the spot before applying makeup.  The key to helping diminish the appearance is to apply your creamy concealer in thin layers so that you do not end up attracting more attention to the spot you are trying to cover.  And always set the concealer with a touch of powder so that the cover-up does not fade away mid-event.
  • Prevention: If we had the secret to preventing all blemishes in the first place, we would be billionaires! But there are a few tips to help minimize those suckers.  Always take your makeup off before bed.  If it has been said once, it has been said a million times — do not go to sleep in your makeup.  It blocks your skin from rejuvenating itself and it clogs your pores.  Regular exfoliation also helps keep the skin clear and fresh.

Even the best of us run into an emergency now and then, but hopefully, these little tips will help get you through any 9-1-1!

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