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Beauty Emergency: Spritzing on too much Fragrance

Woman applying perfume

One of my distinct memories from the seventh-grade dances in middle school was the overwhelming cologne from the boys.  As adults, we are still not immune.  We have all gotten in the elevator with someone who was way too generous with the spritzer that morning.  Not only is it annoying to those around that person, but it can actually irritate as well — the eyes, the nose, or the allergies.  We do not want to be that person!

  • Correction: If you realize that you have gone overboard in your application, hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol can be your best bet. Dab either one on your areas of application to mute the scent of your perfume.  The alcohol in either one of these helps dilute and remove the odor.  In a pinch, a paste of baking soda and water will also work (just think how it helps out your refrigerator).
  • Prevention: Spray lightly! If the scent is more concentrated, you can spritz the air and walk through the mist.  Also, remember to spray the fragrance on your skin, not on your clothing.  The fibers of the material could alter the fragrance notes.  It also lingers longer on the fabric, so this is a double no if you tend to vary your scents.

When you choose and wear your fragrances, always keep your environment in mind.  If your day’s plans include any kind of enclosed space such as a plane, please skip it until you land.  Others around you could be sensitive or allergic to fragrances and you could make their day very rough indeed.  You should also go easy on the perfume in an interview situation for similar reasons.  You do not want to be the candidate that gave the recruiter a headache.

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