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What are the Recent Summer Fashion Trends?

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The heat and humidity are here to stay for the next few months, so what are the trends for 2016 summer fashion?  From what I can tell, they all seem pretty wearable for those of us who live “normal” lives!

  • Shorts – The biggest trend in this comfortable summertime staple is the frayed denim look. They are showing up everywhere unless you have a pair of jeans you are ready to convert!  Plus they go with almost anything that is already in your closet.
  • Slip dresses – Light and airy, these are made for summer weather. Dress them up or down, or even layer them, and you have one perfectly versatile addition to your wardrobe.
  • Footwear – Mules are terrific for throwing on with just about anything, especially the shorts or slip-dresses mentioned here. Also big this summer is a new look, something I would describe as a “hybrid” shoe called lace-up flats.  Think of them as regular flats meet gladiator sandals.
  • Accessories – Graphic bags are huge this summer, creative, wacky and eye-catching. Think outside the handbag box and have fun with it.  Backpack purses have also made a comeback recently but make sure yours looks more fashion-based and less like you are trekking through the Alps.
  • Tops – Those frayed denim shorts definitely need an interesting partner, and this summer it seems to be the off-the-shoulder tops. Just don’t forget the sunless tanner and a little shimmery body oil to make them glow!  Also trending are exaggerated sleeves, flouncy, flowy, and drapey.

Just remember with all these new goodies, it may not be in your best interest to wear them all at once.  That can look overboard and as though you are trying too hard.  Just mix them in with what you already have.

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