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How to Transition Your Makeup from Desk to Date

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For the most part, we have a certain look that we wear to work and a certain look that we wear out on the town.  And when it is a Saturday night, we have all the time in the world to get ready.  But what do we do if the date is in the middle of the week and we have to get ready in the bathroom of the office?

Some of these tips to depend on your preferences and skin type, but I’ve tried to make them as universal as possible.

  • Lips – Start with a healthy dose of lip balm before you prep the rest of your face. I also add a dab onto any flaky spots.
  • Face – Refresh your tired complexion with a light rosewater mist, and let it dry. Dab concealer under your eyes and around your nose, and on any blemishes that might have popped up.  A touch of color on your cheeks really wakes up the complexion.  Pat on a little powder if you have any shiny areas.
  • Eyes – A little bit of highlighter under your brow and on the inner corners will perk things right up. As long as your lashes aren’t already caked, swipe on an extra coat of mascara as well.
  • Lips – I know, lips are on here twice but there’s a reason! After you’ve touched up your face and eyes, blot the excess lip balm off and swipe on an easy coat of glossy pink.
  • Clothing – When you know about the date in advance, you can easily plan your wardrobe accordingly. Wearing layers makes the transition very easy, with a more date-suitable shell under an office-appropriate suit jacket or cardigan.  Lose the outer layer and add an eye-catching necklace.

Out the door you go!

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