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Dressing for Your Body Shape: Strawberry

Woman putting on earrings in body-length mirror

As we have learned, Strawberry is sort of the opposite of the Pear, and characterized by broad shoulders, typically a generous bust, a wide back, narrow hips, and sometimes a flat behind.  Your best feature is usually lean, shapely legs.  This shape is essentially an inverted triangle.  There are numerous ways to flatter and accentuate the positives of this particular figure and make the most of this body shape.

  • The overall goal for a strawberry-shaped figure is to accentuate the right curves and to balance out the larger upper body.
  • Color – Keep the light and bright colors to the bottom half and darker colors on the top; wearing bright or light colors on the top half will emphasize this larger portion of your body. Patterns can be used carefully, as long as they draw attention to the more slender sections such as your hips or legs.
  • Shapes – Flared skirts and slacks are wonderful at enhancing this body shape. They balance out the wider top half for a more proportionate look.  Square or sweetheart necklines are very flattering to this top-heavy shape.  Deep V-necks look great on your generous bust.  If you are concerned about over-exposure, layer the deep V-neck with a light-colored shell.  When shopping for a dress, aim for a cinched waistline to accentuate the slender part of your figure.  Try to avoid high-neck styles and flowing tops because they will also bring unwanted focus on your upper half.
  • Accessories – Interesting and eye-catching belts draw attention to your slender waist and add definition. Low-slung belts that sit on your hips are also a great way to accentuate this slender part of your figure.

Just remember that we are all shaped as we are supposed to be, and there are flattering styles for everyone!

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