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A Full Face With Pencils And Sticks

Woman applying while sitting on her suitcase

I have several trips coming up this fall and I have been trying to build a travel-friendly makeup kit that works for most scenarios – a wedding in Minnesota, a family holiday in Seattle, and a Mexican cruise. All of these have very different makeup needs, and I would love to build a kit that […]

The Truth about Eyelash Extensions

After being bored with having to apply several coats of mascara to achieve the length and volume that I want, I decided to try out eyelash extensions, and unfortunately, I was not very fond of them. Don’t get me wrong, they looked amazing. On the first days. Then after a while, they started falling off. […]

Great Mascara Tips for Short Eyelashes

Your boyfriend may love your short lashes, but it’s ok to want long, sultry lashes sometimes, too. After all, Priyanka Chopra’s eye broom does look amazing (those lashes could sweep anybody off their feet!). And where there’s a will, there’s a way — as they say — and here at Beauty Frizz, we have lots of will. […]