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The Truth about Eyelash Extensions

After being bored with having to apply several coats of mascara to achieve the length and volume that I want, I decided to try out eyelash extensions, and unfortunately, I was not very fond of them. Don’t get me wrong, they looked amazing. On the first days. Then after a while, they started falling off. That and the fact that I had to entirely change my personal routine made me swear not to have eyelash extensions again.

Things to Know about Eyelash Extensions

Let me recall and share with you my experience with eyelash extensions. First, I did not know that the procedure would take that long. Looking back at it, I should have expected the long procedure since the cosmetologist would have to glue one single extension to one single natural eyelash. And for each one they need to hold it in place first while the glue dries up.

In fairness, once I saw the finished product, I was thoroughly impressed. The length and volume completely eliminated the need for mascara. It’s definitely something to try for those who don’t use much makeup on their face. You can just apply some blush and gloss and be on your way.

However, I found my skin care routine needing some change. Washing the entire face was a big no-no, since it could cause the extensions to fall off easier. I had to carefully wash along the areas of the eyelash without getting them wet. Again, this wouldn’t be a problem to those who don’t do the same things I do.

What I found to be the most irritating, however, is the fact that they easily fall off when snagged in anything, but that they don’t come off all at once. It’s sad seeing them fall off one random extension after another, and there’s the possibility that your eyelashes would look uneven. I must admit, I should have gone for a retouch, but with the long process, I decided not to do it.

My Verdict on Eyelash Extensions: Not Entirely Bad

In the end, eyelash extensions do make your eyelashes look better. If that’s what you want and you’re okay with having to go back for retouches, and if you’re not using any skin care regimen that would be changed with the addition of eyelash extensions, then this might be for you. Personally, however, I think I would prefer mascaras for now.

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