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Basic Tips for Using Highlighters

Woman holding a makeup brush

The overall purposes of using a highlighter are to accentuate the bone structure of your face and to give your skin the lit-from-within glow that everyone desires.  Just remember, you are looking for glow not glitter!  Two of my very favorite highlighter products are from Benefit Cosmetics, Watts Up Cream Highlighter which is champagne and High Beam Liquid Highlighter which is more pink.

  • Choosing the shade — Generally speaking, choose the undertone that best suits your skin. Golden works for warmer tones and silver is better suited for cool tones.  Champagne works on almost everyone.
  • Choosing the formula — Choosing the formula follows the same rules as choosing a blush, cream for drier skin types and powder for oilier skins. I find it easier to blend a cream formula versus powder.

Once you have selected the right product for your skin, it’s time for the application!  The best places to apply your highlighter are where the light naturally hits your face or where you want to brighten your complexion.

  • Bridge of your nose — This helps bring the visual focus to the center of your face.
  • Cheekbones — Give yourself the cheekbones you’ve always wanted by running a thin line
  • Inner corners of the eyes — Instantly give yourself eight hours of sleep with a dab on the inner corners of your eye area.
  • Brow bone — Same philosophy as the cheekbone, to make your eyes pop. If you have deep-set eyes, you might want to avoid this one.
  • Cupid’s bow — For fuller lips without the stinging plumper, dab a dot just above the center of your upper lip.

And as with almost all makeup, blending it into your skin is the key to making it look natural.  You want to glow not shine!

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