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Emerging Makeup Trends for Fall 2016

Women getting eyeliner applied

Yes, the thermometers are still spiking in the triple digits and the community pools are still overflowing with grade-schoolers, but school is just around the corner and the runways are showing off their fall trends. There are a few trends that seem ‘unwearable’ for normal life but some of them are quite wearable for most of us!

  • Black Eyeliner – Our eye makeup always trends darker when the temperatures drop, but this fall they have trended to absolute ebony ink. Wear it how you are comfortable whether that be a soft smudgy look, a dramatic waterline, or all the way to the eyebrow. Some of the more artistic looks aren’t really wearable to the office.
  • Dramatic Lips – Again, the fall trends usually bring out the plum lipstick over the pink, but this year is seems to be darker than usual. The goth colors from the runway are almost more black than red. They range from thick opaque matte to impossible vinyl gloss to dark yet sheer red or plum stain.
  • The Glitter-Ati – Again, wear as you are comfortable! On the runways, it was used as everything from eyeshadow itself to a brow highlighter to actual glitter stuck to the cheekbones.
  • Healthy Glow – This is one of my favorites because it’s so realistic! The ‘glowy’ look showcases the skin itself; not quite reflective but not quite matte. It flushes and glows from within which is my favorite look anyway.
  • Peach Fuzz – Okay, maybe not the fuzz part. But coinciding with the glow mentioned above, the peach shades were a beautiful enhancement of that fresh skin. Copper shades are also a beautiful way to wear this trend.

Just remember, please do not try all of these at once! That would be a little much for any face!

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