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Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Three women in bathing suits

We have taken a look at the most flattering clothing for each body type, but let us take a moment for a more personal (albeit sometimes painful) clothing issue — swimsuits. For most of us, swimsuit shopping is almost as much fun as a root canal. But if you go to the store better informed about what is the most flattering suit for your body shape, it can reduce the pain because you know what to look for!

  • The Pear is characterized by a narrower upper body and a fuller lower body.
    One piece swim-dresses with an empire waist provide balance to your shape. A light colored top and darker bottom also help draw the eye up to your slimmer upper half.
  • The Column is defined by very little waist definition, with the shoulders and hips being equal. Try creating the illusion of curves with halter or V-neck swim-dresses. Detailed, ruffled, or embellished tops also help add the visual curves to your top half.
  • The Apple is rounder in the middle than anywhere else.
    Built-in underwire bra tops and skirted bottoms are very flattering. Scooped or square-necked tops can narrow the wider portion of your figure, usually the shoulders.
  • The Hourglass has an equal balance of shoulders and hips with terrific waist definition.Generally speaking, the most flattering styles for an hourglass accentuate the waist and highlight the curves. Halter tops, V-necks and side panels are your best bet.
  • The Strawberry is the opposite of the Pear, and defined by broad shoulders and narrow hips. Underwire tops can give excellent support to a generous bust while skirted bottoms help balance out the wider upper half. Wide-necked styles also help narrow the shoulder area.

Don’t be afraid and dive right in!

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