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Category Archives: Makeup

Makeup Tips for Square Faces

The goal for the square face shape will be softening the facial lines. You need to make your jawline and forehead appear narrower for a more feminine look.  Using simple makeup tips for square faces, some of the celebrities with this facial shape are doing their job really greatly. The list of square-faced celebrities includes […]

Makeup Tips to Make Thin Lips Look Fuller

To have full lips is very trendy and attractive. It is the dream of many girls and women (especially those ones, who have thin lips). There are many ways of making thin lips look fuller, but let’s consider the best and easy ones. Don’t forget about the healthy ways, as well. Lip injections are one […]

Makeup Tips for Oblong Faces

Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler are some of the celebrities with the oblong face shape, who manage to always look stunning, using various makeup tips for oblong faces. They have their own secrets of looking great all the time. Some simple makeup tricks will help you make your face closer to the oval […]

Makeup Tips for Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped face is the most common shape for many ordinary girls and celebrities. Cheryl Cole, Ashley Greene and Eva Longoria, Mary-Kate Olsen- just naming a few celebrities with a heart-shaped face. The list can go on for a long time. This shape assumes that you have a rather wide forehead and small chin. In addition, […]

Makeup Tips for Round Faces

Some of the Hollywood starlets have round faces, including Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston and Geena Davis. The starlets are getting a chance to always look astonishingly beautiful. If you have a round face then you have wide cheeks, rounded chin and not well-defined facial lines. This is why the contours and highlights are really important […]

How to Apply False Eyelashes

Long eyelashes are really appealing. But once in a while they become even more highlighted. Glamorous eyelashes will put an accent on your face and make the focus on your eye makeup. Since not everyone has naturally beautiful and long lashes, there are two ways of getting substitutes. The first option is using cosmetic eyelash […]