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How to Apply False Eyelashes

Long eyelashes are really appealing. But once in a while they become even more highlighted. Glamorous eyelashes will put an accent on your face and make the focus on your eye makeup. Since not everyone has naturally beautiful and long lashes, there are two ways of getting substitutes. The first option is using cosmetic eyelash extensions in salons. This is an expensive procedure, but the result is long-term. If you’re not willing to pay much for the extensions you can use faux eyelashes. Still, it’s vital to know how to apply false eyelashes without harm to have a stunning look!

If you’re a newbie in using false eyelashes, then you should practice it for some time. You can get a few pairs of cheaper lashes and try gluing them beforehand. This will give you a clue on how to add fake eyelashes and will determine your best technique.

To avoid making the lashes appear totally fake, you should match it with your original eyelashes. To do so you need to stand in front of a mirror and put your chin up. The eyes should be kept open. You should put the faux eyelashes on the lid and find the point where the lashes overlap. The left-over part of the fake lashes should be chopped away with the help of scissors. Just make sure that you do not overdo with the process as you will end up having shorter lashes than needed.

The eyeshadow and overall makeup should be applied in advance to adding the eyelashes. This way you will save some time and avoid makeup mash-up in the process of applying it over the faux eyelashes. In addition, follow up make up might affect the glue of the lashes and make the hold weaker. There is no specific makeup, which is considered to be exclusively great with false lashes, as they look equally great with any makeup options.

You must start with adding glue to the lashes. First, you should put some amount of glue into some kind of bowl. Then you can use toothpicks, matches or eyeshadow brushes and put the glue on the band of the false eyelashes. Be aware to put enough glue, otherwise the lashes will fall down shortly. But also avoid having too much of it.

Waiting for 10-20 seconds, you can now apply the faux eyelashes to your original ones. The waiting internal is conditioned by the fact that glue requires a few seconds to become stickier. Applying lashes you should try to put them as close to the lash line as possible. This will return in more natural look. Since exact match is almost impossible in practice, you can always apply black liner or shadow to cover up the gap.

After applying the lashes, you will have to wait with your eyes down and not closed. Closing them might be risky, especially if you have too much of glue on it. Waiting for about 5 minutes will be enough for the lashes to get fully glued.

You should not leave the faux eyelashes overnight. It’s advised to remove them as soon as possible. To remove the faux eyelashes you can use different makeup lotions. This will make the process easier. The removing process should be started with the outer edge of the eye and gently moved to the inner part.

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