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Makeup Tips for Square Faces

The goal for the square face shape will be softening the facial lines. You need to make your jawline and forehead appear narrower for a more feminine look.  Using simple makeup tips for square faces, some of the celebrities with this facial shape are doing their job really greatly. The list of square-faced celebrities includes Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson and Sandra Bullock.

When doing makeup for square face shape, you should first move to the wider areas and then only navigate to the other regions. This includes forehead, jaw and cheeks.

Makeup for Square Faces: Foundation

After applying the foundation you should turn to the highlighter. There are specific areas that need to be highlighted and distinguished. Apply highlighter under the eyes, the nose area, the end of the chin and mid-way on the forehead.

Makeup for Square Faces: Angled Blush

The blush is a must here. Start it mid-way on your cheekbones and make it go up with an angle. This way you will create an illusion of a longer face, plus you will highlight the cheekbones. It will be best to go with warmer and natural shades of cream and brown. Nothing too drastic or sharp!

Makeup for Square Faces: Outlined Lips

The lips should be outlined with a pencil, plus if you can transfer their weight to the center, then it will be ideal. To do so, you can apply additional layer of light color gloss to the center of the lips. The color choice is not that crucial here, but if you get volume lips, this will soften your facial sharp lines.

Makeup for Square Faces: Eyeshadow

The eyes will be capable of handling smokey eyes. For this you should go for darker shades for the outer corners of the eyes and use extra light shades for the inner parts. The light created with the light shades will concentrate the attention to the center part of the face. Plus, inner eyelining will be rather beneficial.

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