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Makeup Tips for Diamond Faces

Diamond face shape refers to a face, which is narrow around the jawline and forehead areas, while the cheekbones are rather wide. The shape look great by itself, but when emphasized with makeup, it just turns into a marvelous shape. Some of the popular starlets having this face shape are Tyra Banks, Rihanna, and Serena Williams. The good news is that at least two of the abovementioned stars are simply stunning with their styling choices, serving as a good inspiration for a chic makeover. Have a nosey at these simple makeup tips for diamond faces and take them into account hen standing in front of the mirror next time!

Makeup for Diamond Faces: Hot Color Blush

The blush used for the diamond face should be of natural colors, such as apricot or peach. The width of the cheekbones should not be cut with the help of darker shades. This will give your face a sharper look, which is definitely something undesirable.

Makeup for Diamond Faces: Silver Eyeshadow

Using silver or white eyeshadow will make your upper part appear wider, so there’s no need to hesitate in using these amazing shades for the eyes. There is also the option of eyeliner, which is also great. If you are really into fashion, then you can try the 60s trick of applying eyeliner on the lid of the eye.

Makeup for Diamond Faces: Use Light Highlighter

The lighter highlighter will give more volume to the forehead and chin, which are rather narrow. Make the highlighter only one tone lighter than the overall foundation for the face. Avoid using liquid highlighter, and instead go for the pencil highlighting option.

Makeup for Diamond Faces: Blind Lipstick

The tone of the lipstick should be pale regardless of the color. There’s nothing to use intense red or pink, but their pale shades will make your mouth and chin combination to be wider. It will be best to avoid bright color and lip-gloss combination, while soft color plus lip gloss combination is welcomed.

Makeup for Diamond Faces: Bronzer

A bit lighter shade bronzer can be applied to the forehead and chin to make them appear slimmer. Go for a shade closer to the used blush, only a single shade lighter. This way you will make a great combo, where cheeks will be narrowed, while chin and forehead highlighted.

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