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Makeup Tips for Oblong Faces

Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler are some of the celebrities with the oblong face shape, who manage to always look stunning, using various makeup tips for oblong faces. They have their own secrets of looking great all the time. Some simple makeup tricks will help you make your face closer to the oval shape and look amazing. There are two main tasks to accomplish here. Firstly, you need to make your face appear shorter and then it should be also widened.

Makeup for Oblong Faces: Two-Tone Combination

You need to use both liquid foundation and powder. First applying the liquid foundation, you should go for a lighter shade. Thus it should be somewhat closer to the original shade of your skin. Then, you can use a darker shade powder and start highlight specific areas on your face, such as the chin, cheekbones and forehead.  The tone of it should be only up to two shades darker than of the liquid foundation. This combination will bring in natural proportionality to the face.

Makeup for Oblong Faces: Contouring with Bronzer

The created forms should be enhanced with a bronzer. The bronzer should be applied to the forehead to visually make it shorter. It can be also applied to the cheekbones and chin. Just it should be applied in smaller amounts. Plus, you can go tricky and cut straight bangs to shorten your forehead and thus put the emphasis straight on your eyes.

Makeup for Oblong Faces: Catchy Eyes

The eyes should be highlighted to create a typical face. The best choice here will be using cat eye makeup. The eyeshadow should be of bolder colors, while the liner can be either blue or black depending on your preferences.

While makeup helps to hide some of the disadvantages, the best way to turn the oblong face into an oval one will be using the proper hairstyles. Get advice from a professional hair stylist before getting a hairdo or a cut.

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