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Summer Nail Art Designs Inspiration

Keep the positive summer mood on for as long as you want and attract attention thanks to your cute nail designs that perfectly add a frisky vibe to your look! Thus, here we present the simplest and cutest summer nail art designs that will embellish your look and spread positivity!

Electric Orange French Mani

Go for a neon French manicure and make a difference. Paint your nails with a nude shade and when it gets dry paint the tips with an electric orange hue. Use a thin paintbrush to draw on the fingertips for better results. For a finish touch you can add a topcoat to create a long lasting effect.

Geometric Nail Art

Geometrical shapes work perfectly for nail art and are so easy to draw. What you have to do is cut scotch tape into triangles and paint them any bright color of your preference. Next, paint your nails on a contrasting shade, let them dry and apply each triangle tape at the tips. For a complete result add a securing topcoat and whoala!

Neon Striped Nails

This is one of the easiest summer nail designs that easily steals attention thanks to the selected vibrant colors. To make it easier go for two thick stripes of neon colors of your choice. Paint your nails in one of the bright colors that you’ve picked, let it dry and use the other bright color to draw an off-center vertical line on each nail.  Let it dry and finish with a topcoat.

Pastel Rainbow Nails

Pastel rainbow nail design matches perfectly with any outfit and doesn’t require any skills do get done. Feel free to use any five pastel shades of your preference and enjoy a trendy style!

Half Moon Nail Designs

Cut a scotch tape into half moons and apply it on the bottom part of your nails. Now paint the entire part of your nails in a bright shade and let it dry. Next, take off the scotch tape and paint the part that’s left with a neutral hue. Use a thin brush for better results and finish with a topcoat.

You can also try ice-cream nail designs, music and flag inspired nail art designs in frisky summer hues! Imagination has no limit, when it comes to nail art!

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