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Category Archives: Hair

Tips to Turn Dark Hair into Beach Blonde

I find that making a hairstyle change definitely adds a whole new level to your look. May it be a haircut, curling or straightening, or dying, playing around with your hair can definitely change your look. One of the more challenging things to do, however, is to change dark hair into really white or beach […]

Best Shampoo for Colored Hair

The first time I colored my hair, I used box color and my hair turned brassy after a month or so. The next time I colored my hair, I went to a salon where I paid $300 to get the chocolate brown shade I had always dreamed of. The stylist recommended some products but I […]

Do Regular Trims Make Your Hair Grow Longer Faster?

Some say it’s a myth, while others swear by it. It’s a tip that is often passed out from one woman to another, even spanning across generations. Apparently, regular trims make your hair grow longer. If you think about it, it sounds counterproductive to cut your hair when your aim is to grow it out, […]

How to Know If Red Hair Will Look Good On You

Red hair is vibrant and lively, and it’s a color for the adventurous women like us. I achieved the perfect shade of red hair with the help of my stylist. The color changes my complexion and I get to experiment more with makeup and clothes because of it. I think that with red hair you […]

Keratin Hair Treatments – Do They Really Work?

Hair gets damaged by exposure to the elements, getting tied up, ironed or curled—the works to achieve the look you want. Exposure to chemicals such as dyes and straightening products also zap out the life in your hair. My friends have told me about keratin hair treatments and how they can bring back life to […]