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Do Regular Trims Make Your Hair Grow Longer Faster?

Some say it’s a myth, while others swear by it. It’s a tip that is often passed out from one woman to another, even spanning across generations. Apparently, regular trims make your hair grow longer. If you think about it, it sounds counterproductive to cut your hair when your aim is to grow it out, right? But what I’ve found out from personal experience is that regular trims can make your hair longer…but not in the way that you would imagine.

Like many women out there, I want to grow long, healthy hair. There are so many hairdos that I can try with longer hair. I won’t need extensions and even a simple ponytail will look better thanks to longer hair. However, as hair grows longer, there is the possibility of having split ends. I hate having those in my hair, which is why I try to have it trimmed when the texture becomes brittle. Split ends make the hair look thin and prone to breakage, so I recommend everyone to always have these removed. You can even cut your own hair if you don’t want to visit the salon often, but make sure that you cut properly so that the ends are even.

What do split ends have to do with regular trims and growing hair, you ask? It’s split ends that are the reason for your hair looking shorter and thinner. By having regular trims, you are removing split ends, and that will make your hair look healthier and longer. In short, regular trims do help you have longer hair, but only because you are eliminating the split ends that do the opposite. You aren’t really getting additional length by getting regular trims. You’re just getting the length that split ends don’t cut prematurely for you. Besides, cutting the hair only involves the ends, not the hair follicles, and it’s in the follicles that hair growth happens.

So how do you grow long, healthy hair? Have regular trims. Ask the stylist to remove the minimum length needed to get rid of the split ends so that you will have the length you want soon. I also recommend using products to remove split ends from your hair for better results.

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