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Would Bangs Suit You?

I love having bangs, but unfortunately we have a love-hate relationship. There are times when I look good with them while there are times when I feel too lazy to style them and end up just clipping them back. I really don’t want to do that because what is the point of having bangs when you don’t show them, right? Sometimes I also think that bangs don’t really suit my face, but there is always that pull to have full bangs when I see the style on other people. If you’re considering getting bangs but are undecided on whether it will suit you, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Would your hair type support bangs? Yes, your hair type actually determines whether bangs would suit you. Remember, to have bangs you will have to cut your hair really short. Curly hair cannot handle this and you will end up with an awkward mop of thick hair on your forehead that you wouldn’t be able to style as bangs without it taking hours. Even then, you can guarantee that it will hold for the entire day.
  •  Do you have a round face? Round faces often don’t go with bangs, but if you have this kind of face and you want one, the trick is to go with shorter bangs. Ideally, it would have to end in the middle of your brow.
  • Try it out on a wig before cutting your hair. Get a wig with the bangs that you want and see how it looks. Cutting the backs is a very final decision. You cannot undo it when you regret it, and growing out bangs can take a really long time. You don’t want to make that decision if you are not completely sure of it. If you don’t want to use a wig, there are also programs on the internet that will let you see how you look with certain hairstyles.

On good days when I have bangs, I feel confident about myself. I feel like I can wear the simplest thing and my bangs would still make me look good. However, there are also days when I feel like I look weird because of bangs. If you want to have bangs that will really look good on you on any day, be sure to ask the opinion of your stylist first. You will make the final decision on cutting your hair, but a stylist’s say can save you from a lot of regrets.

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