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BB Cream vs CC Cream

With many different beauty products to choose from, I understand if some of the ladies have a hard time knowing which products to use. I was a bit confused about BB creams and CC creams in particular when I first heard about them and thought they were the same thing. After trying out some products and reading more about these creams, I learned that there are some differences which we should be aware of. This way, we can achieve the effect we want on your skin!

BB Creams

BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm and originally, it was meant to be an all-in-one product to help achieve overall beauty. Most BB creams function as primer, foundation, and sunblock all at the same time. Sometimes, they can be used as a serum or a moisturizer as well. BB creams tend to have a bit oilier consistency compared to CC creams and it works best when applied in moderation. Women who do not need a lot of coverage will benefit from the evening out property of BB creams.

CC Creams

CC creams, on the other hand, are also known as color correction creams. If you have uneven skin tone or facial redness you will benefit from using CC creams over BB creams since these products are meant to address those problems. As such, these products also work great for pimples, pimple marks, sun spots, and even under eye circles. You can think of it as a concealer from the way it helps correct these particular problems. It helps you create a perfect canvas before putting on makeup and compared to BB creams, it has a more targeted effect on your spotty facial needs like redness and uneven colors.

Which One Should You Use?

I think it would be alright to have both BB creams and CC creams handy in your makeup kit. Both can serve as primers and foundation bases and they can even function as SPF products too! Pat a bit of CC cream on problematic areas and blend the rest of your face with some BB cream for a more thorough coverage when needed.

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