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Celebs Rocking the Long Bob

I have always wanted a bob but I just can’t commit to short hair. See, I have had long hair since forever and while it takes a lot to maintain, what I like is that I can do so many things to it. I must admit though that there are times when my long hair looks boring and I just wish I could chop it all off into a sleep bob like the one Victoria Beckham used to have.

So one day I decided to get a bob—not a short one like Victoria Beckham’s but a long bob. It still looks sleek and stylish but it has all the length I need to be able to still do fancy things to my hair. It wasn’t easy deciding to cut my hair but I did look to celebrities that rocked the long bob like no one’s business and used them as inspiration.

My Long Bob Idols

What I like about these celebs is that they take a simple long bob and do all sorts of creative and stylish looks with it. Below are the celebs I used as inspiration though it doesn’t mean I copied their hairstyles to a “T.”

Jessica Simpson – The media can spread all the hate they want about Jessica Simpson but I think she looks divine whatever her weight is. Her blond hair looks perfect in a bob and you can bet she was one of the celebs I looked up to when deciding to get a bob.

Olivia Palermo – This woman cannot do anything wrong when it comes to style and fashion so it is no surprise that I chose her as one of my hair style inspirations. Her sleek long bob is perfection personified and I only wish my hair could look that good.

Heidi Klum – Heidi is everything that is perfect in a role model. I mean, she is a supermodel after all but the way she carries herself is simply amazing. I think her blond bob looks super chic and sleek. While she looks good in any hairstyle, I must say this is my favorite.

The long bob cut is a really cool hairstyle if you know how to rock it like these celebrities do.

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