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How to Do Sombre Hair

Sombre hair style

Ombre hair was great – but I’ve seen the sombre or soft ombre look on celebrities and today, instead of the full-on dip dyed look of ombre hair, you can have the softer and sun-kissed appeal of sombre hair. This is great for shoulder-length hair or even longer locks, and is a more versatile look which can fit any age range. It’s not too loud or too eye-catching, but adds a great deal of change to your hair. Here’s how you can do it:

How to Do Sombre Hair 2

  • Remember that the look you are going for is much softer than the ombre, and that the key is to diffuse the color on the ends.
  • Section your hair into workable areas. Start at the bottom of the scalp or the area near your nape.
  • Using a fine-toothed comb, back comb thin sections of your hair, about half-inch wide sections. Start near the roots and gently back comb until you reach mid length. This is to disperse hair and have only a smaller portion have the lighter color.
  • Apply color using your foil. Saturate the ends of the hair section with your color and then slightly feather up to the back combed area. Just apply a stroke or two of the color.
  • Next comes the folding. Fold the bottom of the foil with the saturated end upwards in a way that won’t touch the back combed section. The layer of foil you fold in will serve as the protective layer which will avoid oversaturating the feathered out part.

How to Do Sombre Hair

  • Fold it up once more until you have the dyed hair covered, and fold the top corners down to hold it in place.
  • Repeat the entire process until all sections of hair are finished. Remember that the thinner your sections of hair are, the softer the look will be.
  • As you progress to the more visible sections of the hair, be more particular about the feathering out to have better results.
  • After about 45 minutes to an hour, you can rinse and style your hair and enjoy your sombre look. For a softer look, work only on the sections underneath and some on the sides of your head.

This is a great look if you want some subtle changes on your hair!

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