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The Most Memorable Sex and the City Outfits

Sex and the City was the bomb and I watched it just as much for the story as I did for the outfits. Think about, you have 4 outrageously stylish women in the greatest city in the world so of course there were bound to be some true gems in there somewhere. Sex and City wasn’t just a show for me, it was a sort of style guide as I’m sure a lot of you ladies will agree! I have compiled some of the most memorable Carrie Bradshaw looks from the show below so have a look! You might just find some of your own faves as well.

Carrie was the star of the show and the most fashion forward of the 4. Some of my favorite outfits include:

The Tutu – The infamous tutu! Who else but fashion maven Carrie Bradshaw can wear a tutu in the middle of Times Square and make it work? Not all people can pull off this kind of look with such confidence and sangfroid. It has even inspired some stars several years after the show ended.

The Flower – There was a time when flower brooches were all over the place and this is all thanks to Carrie Bradshaw. She wore gigantic flower brooches to complete some of her outfits and they looked simply divine on her.

The Gown – Another memorable dress worn by Carrie was at the end of season 6, which was the Atelier Versace tulle gown she slept in after waiting for her beau of the moment in Paris. The dress was acres upon acres of tulle and chiffon, and in such a romantic and gorgeous color.

The Stripe – Carrie relocated at the City of Lights to be with the man she loved, and she’s wearing stripes made by Sonia Rykiel, who is a Parisian designer famous for her knitwear. Included in the outfit is SJP’s signature flower trademark.

The Necklace – The nameplate necklace that became all the rage after a couple of episodes showed Carrie wearing this necklace. I love how this simple piece of jewelry complemented the simple camisole Carrie was wearing during one of the episodes.

I love Carrie Bradshaw’s fearless confidence and it shows in the outfits she wore on the show!

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