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How to Keep Nails Strong and Chip-Free

Filing woman's fingernails with a nail filer

If you would like to grow your nails long and strong, there are a couple of things you should do to achieve optimum health for your nails. Whether you’d want to paint your nails or just grow them strong and shape them as you prefer, here are some things you should do to help ensure your nails will grow strong and remain chip-free:

How to Keep Nails Strong and Chip-Free 2

  • Cut your nails using a sharp nail clipper. This will give you a smoother edge and will avoid chipping in the future. Also, don’t cut in a hurried manner. Take your time and be careful while trimming your nails.
  • When using a nail file, have uniform strokes when smoothening out your nails. This helps polish the ends of your nails and make them rounder and less prone to breakage.
  • Don’t wear nail polish for too long. If you forget to take it off after a while, allow your nails to rest for a good amount of time when you do remove the nail polish. This also helps avoid nail yellowing or staining caused by the varnish.
  • Regularly wash your hands. This helps clean your nails and prevent bacterial or fungal growth which may lead to weak nails. Clean underneath your nails and make sure to remove all soap residue too!
  • As much as possible, do not cut or even try to manipulate your cuticles and it would be best to just leave them be. They’re your nail’s natural protection to counter bacteria and other potential irritants.
  • Moisturize your nail bed. A good remedy for this would be to apply some olive oil and leave it overnight. This will rejuvenate your skin and make your nails grow healthier.
  • As much as you can, don’t use acetone-based nail polish removers. This causes nails to become brittle and you would want to lessen your exposure to this chemical if you want to keep your nails strong.

How to Keep Nails Strong and Chip-FreeHave a regular maintenance for your nails and you’ll see how your nails would steadily grow and be in great condition! Give them time to breathe and you’ll be glad you did when you see your nails as healthy as they can be.

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