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Olivia Palermo’s Chic Wedding Gown

Olivia Palermo can wear anything and look good in it. I’ve said this before, and I can say it now with more confidence because the model and fashion icon took her own wedding as a way to express her creativity when it came to fashion. Unlike most brides, the lovely Palermo dressed up in what others would call casual pieces, but the result was really stunning and can give designers new ideas for their bridal gowns.

Palermo, who is always looking lovely regardless of how her hair is done or how simple her makeup is, can wear a plain top on her wedding day and she will still look as fashionable as she would while wearing a pricey gown.

If you’re wondering what she wore that’s got the fashion world all abuzz, it’s a combination of a cashmere sweater, some shorts, and a full skirt overlay. If you look at the photo of the gorgeous bride, you won’t even notice that it’s not a one-piece gown. It’s a cleverly put together piece in my opinion. I had a hard time coming to terms that simple items like a cashmere sweater and a pair of shorts and skirts can look good for a supposedly formal occasion.

But she is a fashion icon, and she knows what looks good on her. I wonder if this will start a trend in bridal gowns with sweater tops and full skirts with a slit at one side.

Overall, I think her “dress” and her makeup were really simple, and it’s not a bad thing. If you have a pretty face like that, you can go with almost no makeup and still look stunning. I love Olivia for her humility and for choosing to go for a simple, but definitely comfortable outfit instead of wearing an elaborately embellished gown for her wedding. Don’t get me wrong, elaborate wedding pieces are lovely and I would love to get my hands on those, but sometimes a breath of fresh air is what we really need. And for Olivia, this get up will definitely make people talk about her wedding for the years to come.

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