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Splurge vs Steal: The Best Beauty Dupes for Pricey Makeup

Clinique Lip Crayons

At some point in my life I realized that no matter how much makeup I bought, I always want new ones. And then of course makeup needs to be replenished regularly for hygienic and safety purposes. If you think about it, buying a lot of makeup so frequently already uses a big chunk of your salary. That is why I’ve decided to list down some of the best dupes I’ve found and tried myself. While the quality may not be equal, the savings definitely makes them worth it. Here are some things I recommend for you:

Splurge vs Steal - The Best Beauty Dupes for Pricey Makeup 3Substitute NARS blush shades for ELF blush shades. The names may be different, but ELF has almost similar shades to some of NARS’ bestsellers. For example, NARS’ Orgasm blush can be swapped for ELF’s Milani Baked Blush. I’ve tested both products and the blush is noticeable on the skin when using either of them. I definitely won’t say no to the $28 savings.

Splurge vs Steal - The Best Beauty Dupes for Pricey MakeupSubstitute Clinique’s Chubby Stick Lip Balm with CoverGirl’s LipPerfection Gloss Balm. It’s not only the look that is similar. They both moisturize your lips and I enjoy using both of them. Clinique’s is worth $16 while CoverGirl only costs $7.

Splurge vs Steal - The Best Beauty Dupes for Pricey Makeup 2Substitute Smashbox’s primer with NYX’s photo-loving primer. The $20 you save can be put to good use and you will still get the benefits of having a good primer. Both help reduce redness of the face so you always look ready for a photo op.

Substitute MAC’s Setting Spray with ELF’s Makeup Mist and Set. MAC’s Setting Spray costs 7 times ELF’s Makeup Mist. Think about that.

Substitute Chanel Stylo eyeshadow in Moon River with CoverGirl’s Flamed out eyeshadow in Melted Caramel. Chanel’s cost $34, but you can get the same shade (even though the name is different) for only $8 from CoverGirl.

There are so many splurge vs. steal beauty dupes and I personally recommend you to try them out. I know I do. But whenever you try something new that’s cheaper, make sure that you know that with a cheaper price, you’re not getting the same quality as the more expensive brands can offer. I try to be realistic with my expectations so that I don’t end up disappointed.

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