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How to Care for Digitally Permed Hair

I remember back when I got my first perm; they used the regular method for my hair and sad to say, it was a disaster! I felt like I had ramen-noodle hair and it was so brittle and dry! I had to endure that hair for several months then I had it all chopped off. Several years down the road and now my hair is long enough and I am once again thinking of getting a perm.

You would think that after that disaster, I have learned my lesson and would vow to stay away from all perms. However, when I learned about the digital perming offered by a Korean salon in the city, I just had to give it a try! It sounded way better than the traditional way of getting a perm. Besides, I know some girls who have had it done and they look divine.

Keeping Curls Intact

Before I try a new hairstyle or hair service, I always like to know if I can maintain it or not. I have done the following research about digitally-permed hair and I found that it is quite easy to manage. If you are planning on getting a digital perm, the following tips may come in handy! Check them out!

  • When drying hair, twist your locks into little clumps so the curls are kept as they dry.
  • Use an extra-hydrating conditioner because processed and permed hair will become dry. If you hydrate your hair, the curls are likely to last longer.
  • Use mousses and curling sprays so that the curls of your hair are kept in tip top shape.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb because this will help you work through tangles without damaging the curls. Using a paddle brush as you blow dry could straighten your hair.
  • An ionic blow-dryer with a diffuser works best on digitally-permed hair.
  • Once your hair is dry, use a curl-enhancing serum on your hair.
  • Twist your hair in knots as you sleep to have curlier hair.

These tips will help ensure that your curls last longer and that you do not need to go in for maintenance treatment after every few months.

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