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MAC’s Ruby Woo and Russian Red – A Product Comparison

MAC has always been one of my favorite brands with their long list of products that have been proven as timeless. Their lip products in particular have always been the talk of the town, with their wide range of colors that flatter every lips and skin tone.

MAC Ruby Woo

Red lipstick is always a must-have in any girl’s collection, and this shade definitely sets the bar. No matter what skin type you may have, Ruby Woo serves to give definition to your lips in every fabulous way possible. Its bright red hue gives a classic, dramatic look and can give your face the pop that it deserves.

Unlike the other matte lipsticks in MAC’s long product line, the MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo proves to be completely dry. Reapplying the lipstick after a few drinks or after eating would mean having to deal with patches, that it would be whole lot better if you just took everything off and apply it fresh. Because of this, you may want to moisturize your lips with a slick of balm or a lip scrub before the initial application.

MAC Russian Red

MAC’s Russian Red is reminiscent of Madonna’s 90’s look, a shade that truly defines Hollywood glamour. Despite its matte finish, it still has a creamy texture that applies smoothly and does not dry out. The fact that it could last for 5 to 6 hours doesn’t hurt either, making the entire tube last even longer. It stays on your lips even after going through a number of drinks, and usually only comes off with food. Even if you choose to moisturize before applying it, it still shows the same powerful pigmentation and staying power as it would if you apply it on bare lips.

The Verdict

Both the Ruby Woo and the Russian Red have striking colors that would turn heads. But the fact that Russian Red applies more smoothly makes it the better pick between the two. Ruby Woo could have given Russian Red a run for its money where color is concerned, but the finish is what truly matters in the end. Considering the price, Russian Red is definitely worth every penny, and is something that you would want to buy over and over again.

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