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Is Argan Oil Worth All the Hype?

I am an avid follower of every new thing that comes out in the world of skin care which is why I found out early on about this thing they call “Argan oil.” At first, I thought it would be like any other fad that would get huge then fade away but as it happens, Argan oil has been going really strong and the lovely Josie Maran has even created a cosmetic line around it.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil comes from Morocco and is said to be one of the very best oils you can use on your face, hair, nails, and body. The oil comes from the seed nuts that come from the Argan tree. Moroccan women would harvest the seeds, and using traditional methods, would extract the oil. Pure argan oil is a light gold color that has a very mild scent. It is also quite pricy and this is why some people have taken to calling it “liquid gold”.

Is It Worthy of The Hype?

A lot of things being sold in the open market have disappointed me since they seem to be all about marketing and bring none of the benefits they promise. This is not the case with argan oil which I have been using for several months now. I have to say that at first, the price tag shocked me since I shelled out $25 for a small bottle but since I only needed a few drops at a time, I realized it was a very good deal.

At first, I used the oil on my arms and legs since they were especially dry at that time. I paid special attention to my knees and elbows and after a couple of weeks, I realized that my skin tone evened out and my elbows and knees were way lighter. Seeing great results in my body prompted me to use it on my face and while I was scared of breakouts at first, I saw results after about 3 weeks and in fact, I have had fewer breakouts!

This is pretty much a miracle in a bottle and I am a believer.

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