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Keratin Hair Treatments – Do They Really Work?

Hair gets damaged by exposure to the elements, getting tied up, ironed or curled—the works to achieve the look you want. Exposure to chemicals such as dyes and straightening products also zap out the life in your hair. My friends have told me about keratin hair treatments and how they can bring back life to dull and lifeless hair. But does it really work?

I did some research about keratin and found out facts such as that hair is made of keratin and that keratin treatments can help repair hair by supplementing its natural structure. It helps smoothen out each and every hair strand which is why it achieves an overall smoother and straighter look for your hair. For those who have damaged hair from heat styling, keratin can help soften hair and bring back moisture to the hair strands. Keratin treatments would help your hair heal from all the damage it experiences.

Ladies who have dull and lifeless hair would also benefit from the interaction of keratin treatments with your hair. It can bring back the life and shine to your hair, making it look and feel shinier and softer as you continue to use keratin treatments.

What You Need to Know About Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments can be done on colored hair for both men and women. If you want an effective way to smoothen out your hair and make it look healthier again, you can go for a professional keratin treatment at a salon. They are, however, a bit expensive and can range from $200 to as much as $800 depending on which salon you’ll be getting it from and how long your hair is.

The treatment is usually good for about two months and you can supplement it with keratin-based shampoos or hair masks which can be used on a weekly basis. Remember than when getting hair treatments, you ought to go to professional salons to be sure that you are getting high quality treatments and only safe products are being used on your hair. You can use keratin hair conditioners as supplementations to your hair if you want to make it look healthier!

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