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How to Choose a Flattering Haircut for Yourself

I have been a victim of tons of unflattering haircuts – some of them were my fault while others were the fault of the hairdresser. I suppose they were my fault as well since I should have just stuck to my tried and tested stylist but I didn’t and I had to pay for it with a bad cut.

That got me thinking: exactly what makes a haircut bad? I mean, why is one bob better than the other and why do some people look good in pixie cuts while I just looked like an ex-con? I decided to do a little research and what I found out will fascinate you to no end! Also, I hope this piece will save you from some bad haircuts as well.

Choose a Style for Your Face Shape

The first thing you need to do when deciding on a flattering hair cut is to consider your face shape. There are some haircuts that slim a round face and shorten a long face just as there are haircuts that soften an angular face. You should learn what you face shape is first and consider the kind of look you want to achieve. If you like a certain hairstyle and cut, you should modify it to flatter your face shape.

Consider Your Hair Texture

The thing about hairstyles is that it isn’t so much about the look you want but more of what your hair can achieve. If you want a sleek bob with full on bangs but your hair grows out in ringlets, you might not achieve a very flattering look. The same goes for girls that want long, lush curls; if your hair is pin-straight and rather thin, you may want to go for another look.

Think about Maintenance

You may want an uber-funky cut that looks extra-flattering but if the look takes hours to achieve and you are more of the wash-and-wear type, then that might not be the most flattering choice. Make sure you think about maintenance when looking for a flattering cut. This way, you get a good haircut that you can maintain with ease.

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