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How to Use Hair Chalk

Hair chalking has been around for quite some time now and while I like to use caramel colors to make my hair more interesting, I have tried hair chalk a couple of times. What I like about is that it allows me to add some funk to my look without the commitment. Blue and pink highlights look good but the fact of the matter is that dying my hair with streaks of pink, purple, and blue sort of freak me out. However, hair chalk allows me to do just that and just wash off the color when I get home, which means that I can change hair colors everyday if I choose to do so.

If you haven’t tried hair chalk before, I urge you to do so. It is really easy and a whole lot of fun. If you make a mistake, it doesn’t really matter because you can just wash off the chalk and start from scratch.

How to Apply Chair Chalk

  • Take a piece of hair that is as thick or thin as you like and take your chalk in hand. Rub the chalk against the hair.
  • To get the chalk to release more pigments, what you can do is twist the hair as you move the chalk up and down. You will get more intense color this way.
  • Make sure you brush off the excess powder before you chalk each piece of hair and this is especially true if you are using different colors.
  • For blondes or people with lighter hair, DO NOT wet your hair when you chalk. Mixing the chalk pigments with water turns it into dye and will stain your hair.
  • For people with dark hair, take note that you will need to add water to the mix since you want to double up on the color of the pigment. If you do not add water, you may not get the vivid pop of color you desire.

Do not mistake soft chalk pastels for oil pastels. The latter is a pain to remove and can be very sticky to boot. Ask a salesperson if you are confused between the two.

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