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Tips to Turn Dark Hair into Beach Blonde

I find that making a hairstyle change definitely adds a whole new level to your look. May it be a haircut, curling or straightening, or dying, playing around with your hair can definitely change your look. One of the more challenging things to do, however, is to change dark hair into really white or beach blonde hair without it looking like a disaster.

Since dark hair is harder to work with when it comes to dyeing, knowing some helpful tips to make you have good hair even after the dyeing or bleaching process can help you achieve a more successful hair look. Try these tips next time you decide to bleach your dark hair:

  • Protect your hair first. Soak your hair in some coconut or olive oil overnight to give it moisture. This is a preparatory step which can help you reduce the potential damage. You can do this a day or two before treating your hair.
  • Get equal amounts of lightening powder and your developer. Mix them together until they become creamy. Make sure you use gloves and a hair coloring brush for this step.
  • Section your hair into manageable parts. Using your tint brush, apply some of the mixture on and start ¼ to ½ inch away from your scalp. Apply a generous amount to the sections to make sure you saturate the hair.
  • Once your hair has been fully saturated with the product, cover it with a shower cap. Wait for ten minutes before checking your hair. Check every once in a while to see how much your hair has changed.
  • If you would like to speed up the process, you can use a blow dryer for some extra heat.
  • When your hair has reached the stage where it looks pale yellow, rinse your hair completely with a bit of shampoo, but don’t use it too much so that your hair doesn’t snap and break.
  • Do not condition your hair after rinsing.
  • You can begin toning and use about a part of toner to two parts of developer. Apply it from the roots to tips, and do not process your hair for longer than 40 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly and do not shampoo.

Voila! You will have lighter, beach blonde hair after following this process!

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