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Author Archives: Betty R. Campbell

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Prospective brides from all over the world dream of their wedding day and donning a beautiful gown as they walk down the aisle. Weddings gowns are usually white and made with quite a lot of fabric. Traditionally, wedding gowns can be passed on from mother to daughter as long as it’s still in good condition. […]

Best Conditioners for Thick Hair

Woman with straight black hair

Thick hair can be very sexy, especially when it’s properly conditioned! Dry thick hair is not something you would like to have which is why having a really hydrating conditioner for your thick tresses can help. If you want to bring down the volume or simply have more control over your hair, here are some […]

Luxurious Getaways in California: Sacramento, California

It’s nice to treat yourself to a luxurious destination every once in a while. If you’re in the Sacramento area of California, you need not worry about great places to stay for a night or two. Here are some of the places I really like which can make you feel all rejuvenated after your little […]

Why is Moisturizing the Face Important

A bright and youthful face is lovely to look at! While in the drugstore or when choosing skincare products, I always make it a point to include a good facial moisturizer even though my skin isn’t so dry. You may be under the impression that moisturizers are only for people who have dry skin, but […]

Understanding Skincare Ingredients – Talc

Talc is a common skincare ingredient that has been used for decades, but there is an issue with its effects on the body that has recently surfaced. As a user of products containing talc, I find myself worried that I could be getting sick because of something that I thought was harmless. After all, talc […]

Quick Lunch Options that Help Shed Weight

It’s hard to continue with your day on an empty stomach. This is why having a filling lunch is important even when you’re on a diet. Depriving yourself of food actually makes you want to eat more. Having a portion of food for lunch can help make the starvation go away. Here are some great […]