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Author Archives: Betty R. Campbell

Healthy Options: Cheese Sauces vs. Tomato and Vegetable-Based Sauces

I am a great lover of creamy and cheesy sauces, having enjoyed them with abandon during my younger years. However, time has come for me to change my eating habits into something healthier and it is time to say goodbye to such sauces since they really tend to pile on the calories and the fat. […]

Understanding Skincare Ingredients – Sulfates

Millions, if not billions, of people use shampoos and conditioners on a daily basis and there is no denying that shampoos and conditioners form an integral part of a person’s daily routine. With the millions of people who use shampoos and other cosmetics on a daily basis, it is astounding how so few of them […]

Why Whole Wheat Bread is the Better Choice

Whole wheat bread on table

Bread is one of the main ingredients for snacks to go and packed lunch items. It’s filling, easily accessible, and goes well with so many other food items that you can really have a full meal with just some good quality bread. For the health conscious people, however, there’s a battle between white bread and […]

Best Tools for Facial Contouring

Contouring is an important part of applying makeup, especially if you have a number of features that you want to emphasize dramatically. It can enhance your cheekbones and make your face appear slimmer than it actually is. And with the right tools and application, you can make it appear as natural as possible, tricking people’s […]

Should You Try Tai-chi?

I’ve seen groups of people in the park during early mornings doing some calming moves which to me seem like a much friendlier version of martial arts. Tai-chi is an ancient Chinese practice of slow and deliberate movements that aim to produce balance and relaxation. Its effects are not just great for the body but […]

Laser Treatments for Cleavage Wrinkles

Wrinkles are unavoidable, but you can always prevent them by keeping your skin healthy and supple. As you age, however, you’re bound to get some wrinkles. Cleavage wrinkles are not uncommon, but they can be unsightly especially when you’re still considerably young. Since your breasts have their own weight, you can expect a bit of […]

Whitening Treatments for Teeth

I have always been very careful with my teeth; I brushed religiously and flossed as required. I also avoided drinks that could stain my teeth so that I could have a nice, bright smile. However, as an adult, I realized that coffee was fuel and let’s face it, coffee stains teeth and before I knew […]