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Best Tools for Facial Contouring

Contouring is an important part of applying makeup, especially if you have a number of features that you want to emphasize dramatically. It can enhance your cheekbones and make your face appear slimmer than it actually is. And with the right tools and application, you can make it appear as natural as possible, tricking people’s eyes into thinking that this is not just a product of makeup.

Here are a few tools that could give you the perfect contour:

  • Matte Shading Cream –Although you have the option of using powder, cream can be a better alternative because of the way it glides over your skin. Powder could look less natural, especially if you choose the wrong product and end up having all the makeup cake up on your face. You can try the Senna Face Scuplting Kit for a smoother finish. Give it a few pats to even it out, giving you a more natural look. Of course, once you start out with cream, make sure you remain consistent and use cream-based products for the rest of your makeup. 
  • Face Powder – Of course, just because cream can give you a natural look doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same thing with powder. If you are more confident in using face powder for contouring, try the Benefit Dallas Powder. It gives you a softer contour, helping you avoid those clear, overdramatic lines that could turn your facial contouring efforts into a disaster. Again, consistency is the key. Using powder to contour will also mean sticking to powder for the rest of your makeup as well. Mixing powder with cream will only give you that caked-on effect.

Make sure that you pick your colors well. Anything that’s too far from your natural skin tone will make your makeup too obvious. Use shades that are one shade lighter than your skin. This way, it would create shadows that would appear to be caused by natural light striking your face, and not just shadows made by makeup. Do everything you can to stay away from bronzers that are too orange or red in hue as these would make your face more clownish than natural.

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