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Why Anderson Cooper is the Perfect Man

Anderson Cooper

Ladies looking for the perfect man would often give out different requirements and lament how the perfect man just doesn’t exist. These are the ladies that have no idea that Anderson Cooper exists in this world because I think that despite coming out as gay, he is still the kind of man that women should […]

Creative Ear Piercing Designs

Ear with interesting piercing

If you feel like those studs just aren’t helping your style at all, then you would probably need something a little bit bolder for your ears. Here are a few other ear piercing options that you may want to consider: Orbital Piercing. This kind of piercing means making two holes on your lobes that are […]

The Top 3 Korean Cosmetics Brand to Try

Korean woman with clear skin

Along with the sudden explosion of Korean pop culture all over the globe also comes a whole new world of cosmetics that emulate the fresh and bold look that this phenomenon has brought. With different brands comes a wide range of different products, all serving to bring out the best features of your face. Here […]

Craziest Beauty Ideas on Pinterest

Woman spilling milk on her face

We all love Pinterest for the many zany ideas it has to offer. I myself look to Pinterest for healthy food recipes and some exercise ideas from time to time and also when I need to get some outfit ideas for different occasions. I just love the mix of ideas and inspirations in the site. […]

Fall 2014’s Top 5 Accessories

Different kinds of handbags

Fall calls for special accessories which aren’t too wintery yet but shows that you are getting ready for the colder days. I love accessorizing, and knowing the best pieces to wear can help you have a much better overall look! Here are the top 5 accessories you can wear to look all chic and fab […]

Normcore Fashion: Fashion Trend or Inside Joke?

Normcore fashion

The world of fashion truly is a big world with many different styles and fashion statements. There are trends and pieces which become highly famous in which I see everyone wearing it! However, there are those who wear basic pieces of clothing—unpretentious, almost unnoticeable. When turned into a kind of fashion style, it is now […]

Geek Chic: Wearable Technology on the Runway

Female hand holding Google glasses

I love how technology keeps on giving us great gadgets we can use to have better lives and more connectivity. Also, one great thing about today’s technology is how we now have wearable pieces. These wearable pieces of technology allow us to have the functions of smart phones and other gadgets while staying fashionable in […]

Heels at the Beach: Yay or Nay?

Black heels at the beach

The beach is probably one of the best places to show off not only your excellent figure, but your unique sense of style as well. It has always been that one great place where you can mix fashion and comfort, while experimenting on how you can start turning heads with a few choice pieces. All […]

iCloud Celebrity Photo Leaks and How it Affects You

Jennifer Lawrence

Some blamed the hackers and their blatant disrespect for people’s privacy. Some pointed their fingers on Apple and the fact that iCloud allowed an unlimited number of password attempts. Some went as far as sending disapproving looks in the direction of the models and actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, whose nude photos were […]