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Extreme Sports to Try

I have a confession to make, and it is that I actually like exercising. I have never been one of those people who moaned and groaned their way to the gym. I would skip and hop and look forward to sweating and letting the energy flow through me. I am strange that way, I guess.

Anyway, the reason I bring up the workout thing is because I have been thinking of trying something new and that something new is extreme sports. I know, it seems scary to even think about extreme sports but I did my research and I found out that they are actually doable. Below is a list of extreme sports I just might try and perhaps you might want to give them a try as well.

Extreme Sports Hit List

  • Bungee Jumping – I see this as a way of hitting two birds with one stone in the sense that I get to do something extreme and I can find a way to conquer my fear of heights. Thinking about it makes me want to hurl but hey, you only live once, right? I think I’ll be ready to try this by next year.
  • Zorbing – Have you ever seen a gerbil inside a ball? Well, imagine that ball like, a million times bigger and can actually fit a human. Now imagine it rolling down a hill and you have zorbing. I think it’s freakishly scary but some friends of mine have tried and they say it is the most exhilarating 10 to 15 seconds of their life.
  • Ice climbing – This might just be the most extreme sport I want to try so far and—boy, oh boy—it is seriously challenging because you get to climb ice formation using a pick axe and some ropes! There is a chance you might fall but really, it can’t be extreme unless there is a danger of bodily damage, right? I heard there was a place in Colorado where they offer this and I might just give it a try very soon.

There you have it! My list of extreme sports to try for next year. I hope you get to try them as well.

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