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Ways to Wear Denim on Denim

Denim is one of the most versatile kinds of fabric. Known for its durability and wonderful texture, denim has been used for pants, shorts, tops, overalls, and even dresses! There are a lot of denim items and they are the perfect choice for achieving a great casual look. These are usually worn on a daily basis, and despite being your go-to clothing pieces, there are more ways than one to wear denim on denim.

  • Wear a denim blazer or jacket over denim skinny jeans. To avoid looking like you have too much denim on, go for skinny jeans which make use of less material rather than straight cut or loose jeans. Also, make sure that the color is either perfectly matched, or has a good amount of contrast. Light denim would go well with darker or deeper colored denim and vice versa. Acid-washed denim jeans would look great with a denim jacket that has a plain look. Stay simple by having a basic colored shirt as your top, and you’ll be good to go! Or you can pair a buttoned down denim shirt with a pair of dark skinny jeans for an outfit that is anything but basic.
  • Have a pair of denim-detailed shoes. There are heels, sandals, and other pieces which have denim details on them—or those which are made of denim surfaces. These can be worn with your denim pants, or you can pair it with a denim tube top and a girly chiffon skirt. This outfit is both dainty and casual at the same time. It also achieves a nice balance by having a denim-chiffon-denim look on you.
  • Have a denim bag as your accessory if you’re already wearing denim jeans. If you want to minimize the look, don’t pair the bag with jeans but with short cutoff denim shorts instead. Exposing a bit more skin would avoid “overcrowding” your look with too much denim, and doing this gives a bit more balance on where the fabric is seen on your body. These would complement each other well without making you look like you came out of a denim factory!

Try these simple tips and you’d look great even while sporting a predominantly denim ensemble!

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