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Most Fashionable TV Shows of All Time

I love watching TV though I still limit how much of it I watch. Mainly, I like watching sit-coms and even some horror shows but lately, I find myself watching more and more TV not just for the stories but for fashion inspiration. That is right folks! I am watching TV to get some fashion tips and let me tell you – they are fantastic! This recent obsession of mine has led me to look for the most fashionable TV shows of all time.

Pretty Little Liars – Yes, I know the show is a bit on the crazy side what with the “A” acting. I also know the story line is a tad insane but I must say that the Pretty Little Liars are extremely stylish (though they do have their off days!). First of all, I love how preppy Spencer dresses and that Aria is just too darn cute in her little boho outfits! This is a show you need to watch for the fashion, and not the story.

Gossip Girl – This is the TV show that launched the careers of major babe Blake Lively and the hotness that is Leighton Meester! I think this show wasn’t so much about the story as it was for the fashion. I seriously think this show was pure eye candy. Not only were the stars hotness incarnate (except Little J – loathe her!) but they had the best fashion sense ever! Chuck Bass certainly redefined men’s wear for a lot of people.

Sex and the City – A post about TV and fashion will not be complete without mentioning Sex and the City. Simply put, this show redefined the fashion for the 90’s until the early 2000’s and it also cemented the reputation of one Sarah Jessica Parker as a fashion icon. For those of you who wore huge flower brooches, pined for Manolo Blahniks, and thought of wearing a tutu out in the streets, then you will surely remember its show and all its fashion hits! If you’re not the type to go for some of the outrageous outfits of SJP, then you might find yourself preferring Charlotte’s pastel and feminine wardrobe or Miranda’s masculine style.

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