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Shiatsu vs. Swedish Massage

Woman enjoying Swedish massage

It’s spa day! What kind of massage do you usually get? When I had my first trip to the spa, I was given the choices and two sounded most familiar: Swedish and shiatsu. I didn’t know the difference back then, so I just let the masseurs have her way with the massage session. Recently, I’ve […]

4th of July Party Ideas

Fireworks in front of American flag

I love celebrations! What better way to enjoy the 4th of July than to have some interactive party ideas? Whenever there are special occasions, I enjoy them more when they are interactive. These party ideas I am going to share with you will make July 4th more festive. Pre-Party Ideas to set the Mood Here […]

SuperFoods to Try To Prevent Cancer and Diseases

Black seeds with wooden spoon

Interested in natural remedies that are considered the best for their abilities to prevent human body from cancer and other diseases? Well, follow reading below and get informed about something that will change your life! Amaranth: The Famous Cancer Destroyer Being rich in components such as essential amino acid (which is well-known for the ability […]

Which Beauty Products to Store in the Fridge

Interior of fridge with fashion and beauty accessories

There is a great confusion whether we should store beauty products in the fridge or not. Some people believe that cold temperature is good for beauty products, others deny this fact. However, we should clearly define which beauty products should be stored in the fridge and which of them shouldn’t. 1. Store Eye Cream in the […]

Cute Winter Date Ideas for Loving Couples

Couple sledding in the snow

In spite of cold weather, there exist several cute winter date ideas for loving couples. You don’t have to sit at home in winter and just watch TV. Be a little creative and enjoy your time outside with your sweetie. These cute date ideas for winter will help you organize your time. 1.  Skiing or […]

7 DIY Christmas Presents for Your Closest Ones

Models in summer wear and sunglasses on white background

Christmas is a great holiday in the world. Almost each nation celebrates it. It is custom to give presents to each other on this special day. If you want your budget not to suffer much, you should go for these fabulous Christmas presents for your closest ones. It is very pleasant if you prepare presents […]