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Best Phone Apps for Women

Between those twice-a-week yoga and spinning classes, that meeting at 5, the neighbor’s birthday, and that report for work, we understand that being a woman on the go can be quite difficult. Believe me when I say I know exactly how it feels since I happen to be rather busy as well. However, with the advent of smartphones, the use of the right apps, and time management, all the things in your to-do list can be done! I spent hours looking for the right apps and I finally found some apps that every woman should not be without. The best part about these apps is that some of them are free, while others are dirt cheap.

Best Phone Apps to Try

Stylebook – Every woman has been guilty of looking through a closet full of clothes and wailing that they have nothing to wear. I know I have been guilty of doing that but that all stopped when I found out about the Stylebook app. This app allowed me to keep track of exactly what I have in my closet and would keep track of the sizes in there. It has saved me from a clothing-induced meltdown several times now.

Cab4me – So it is 3 AM, you are outside a club and you are just dreaming about hitting the bed but finding a cab is proving to be impossible. This app uses your GPS location to look for the nearest cab companies near you and even lists their available cabs so you can give them a call to take you home.

EverNote –Your smartphone might come with a notepad but can it keep pictures, take voice records, and notes all in one go? We didn’t think so but that is what EverNote is for. It is one of the best notepad apps you can find and it comes in free and paid versions.

Find My Phone –Everyone, men and women alike, has experienced that moment of panic when they cannot find their phones, and this app has proven to be a lifesaver. You just log in to your computer and use the app to get the coordinates of your phone. One minor thing, though, is that this app is only available to iPhone users.

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