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On-the-Go Breakfasts for the Working Woman

It is a known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I have to admit that I miss it from time to time. I usually end up grabbing really unhealthy options such as Pop Tarts or sugary breakfast muffins. Yes, I was guilty of missing breakfast or eating an unhealthy one but I hardly had time to whip up a healthy breakfast because I am always in a rush to go to work.

However, I quickly realized that I couldn’t go on like that; I was just hurting myself, and thus I have decided to treat myself better by eating better. I have been enjoying some yummy and healthy on-the-go meals that are a breeze to make and even easier to prep in the morning. Check out some of these healthy on-the-go meals below and for sure, they will make your mornings brighter and healthier as well. 

Healthy Mobile Meals

Chicken and Spinach Burrito – This is a yummy on-the-go meal that you prep on Sunday and enjoy all throughout the week. All you need to do is buy some whole wheat wraps, broil chicken, mix in some spinach, and wrap all that neatly. Place in the freezer and just pop one in the microwave before you leave for work.

Green Smoothie –Do you know what makes the green smoothie so darn good for you? The reason for this is because it is full of vitamins and minerals the body needs to work efficiently and it doesn’t have any fatty oils or bad stuff that wreak havoc in the system. Try to add some protein powder to your smoothie to make it complete.

Yogurt parfait – Not only is this a healthy and filling breakfast but it is so delicious it actually doubles as dessert. All you need to do is put about 6 scoops of yogurt in a glass and pile on the nuts and berries. You may even add muesli to make it more filling. Store it in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy it in the morning!

These delicious and nutritious breakfasts will give you enough fuel so you can go about work. I have tried and tested all of these and they have changed my morning routine immensely.

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