How to Clean Suede Pieces

Products to clean suede pieces

If you have suede pieces in your house and there appear stains on them, they won’t look attractive, any more. Here are the best tips on how to clean suede pieces. They will help you get rid of the dirt from your shoes and furniture, as well.

Use Right Tools to Clean Suede

Before purchasing shoes and any type of accessories made of suede, you should have all the necessary tools under your hand. Here we should mention brushes with soft or metal bristles. There exist special erasers for suede, as well. With these tools, the aspect of your suede will be improved. Be attentive not to spoil the suede.

How to Clean Suede Pieces

Get Rid of Damp Water Stains from Your Suede

It seems like water stains won’t be removed from your suede. If you go out in rainy weather, your suede shoes will be spoiled. However, there are several ways on how to clean suede shoes. Insert a towel in your shoes and then apply water. You should gently scrub the stains. You may also use a wet cloth to remove the stains. After this process, place your suede shoes in an open air to dry them.

Get Rid of Dry Stains from Your Suede

If you notice dry stains on your suede pieces, you should opt for special brushes and erasers. If it’s rather difficult to clean your suede piece, you had better have at your hand sandpaper and nail file. Use a soft cloth to get rid of dry stains. Before applying the eraser, go for testing. The suede brush is the final step to make the look of your suede better.

 Get Rid of Oily Stains from Your Suede

If oily stains are noticed on your suede, you are advised to opt for cornstarch. You may also clean it with talcum powder. Wait for 8-12 hours until it dries completely. This splendid powder will drink the grease from your suede.

Moisturize the suede before applying the suede brush. To get rid of this problem, you may use a subtle cloth and lukewarm water. Before going for the suede brush, you had better apply steam iron.

Clean Your Suede Pieces

If the chewing gum is stuck on your suede, you had better store it in the fridge. You will be able to clean your suede piece without any effort. If there are stains of ink on your suede, alcohol will greatly help you.

Thus, try these simple tricks and you will clean your suede pieces. 

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