Yummy Spanish Dishes You Must Try

Spanish shrimp dish in a pan

It doesn’t matter if you visit Spain during your life or not, but you must taste Spanish dishes undoubtedly. Once you try, you won’t be able to stop eating that again and again. There are lots of yummy dishes, but in this article we will enumerate seven of the most amazing and famous dishes.

Yummy Spanish Dishes You Must Try


Let’s start with a soft dish, dessert. Churros with hot chocolate sauce is one of the most famous desserts in Spain. You can find them nearly in all shops. This amazing dessert is not only tasty, but also it makes you warm with its sauce. Churros is very pleasant to taste when it is cold outside, you get warmer both from inside and outside.


Paella is another Spanish dish that you should try. The ingredients of this dish are olive oil, different sorts of herbs and peppers. The Italian version of paella is risotto, though the last one is dryer than paella.

Jamon Serrano

Jamon Serrano is a ham, which is very famous in Spain. It is very expensive outside of Spain, so if you are in Spain use your advantage and taste this ham, if not try vacuum packed ones, which are also tasty, though not tastier the one you can find in Spain.


Gazpacho is a cold dish in Spain. Yes, yes cold soup which is served in Spain. It is made with tomato based vegetables. It is both healthy and tasty, you should definitely try this!

Spanish salad

The next turn is for a Spanish salad, called shredded salt cod salad. You will fell in love with this salad, after the first try. You can mix it with different flavors, and it has a perfect taste, it is not too salty, or too fishy, it is just a perfect a salad.

Crème Catalana

Crème Catalana is the same Spain crème brulee, the difference is that Catalana has more crème, if you like sweet, you would certainly like this dish.


Coca (don’t mix it with coca cola) is kind of a small pizza. As making pizza, in coca you also can choose the ingredients yourself, like closed or open coca, savory coca or sweet coca.

Of course, there are more good dishes in Spain, but let’s stop on this, not to tease your appetite.

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