Which Beauty Products to Store in the Fridge

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There is a great confusion whether we should store beauty products in the fridge or not. Some people believe that cold temperature is good for beauty products, others deny this fact. However, we should clearly define which beauty products should be stored in the fridge and which of them shouldn’t.

Which Beauty Products to Store in the Fridge

1. Store Eye Cream in the Fridge

We should enlist the eye cream among those beauty products, which should find its place in the fridge. In case you use the cold eye cream, you will immediately feel its refreshing quality. Before storing the eye cream in the fridge, pay attention to its instruction. Keep it away from food and the cold eye cream will have a quite long life.

2.  Store Sprays in the Fridge

You are strongly advised to store sprays in the fridge, as they act well being in cold. Such sprays as sunscreen and mineral water will refresh your skin if you use them taking off the fridge.

3.  Store Fragrance in the Fridge

It is beneficial to store fragrance in the fridge, as cold and dark makes it last long. You are also recommended storing your perfumes in a hermetically closed container to be away from any unpleasant flavors.

4.  Store Medication in the Fridge

Medicine, which is used for acne and ointments, fighting against bacteria should be stored in the fridge. After having a look at their instructions, you may put them in cold. It helps the ingredients of the medication have a long life.

5.  Store Natural Makeup in the Fridge

The ingredient of the natural makeup lets it to be stored in the fridge. Due to the cold temperature, the natural makeup will be used for a long time. If you prepare masks at home, you should place them in the fridge, as well.

6.  To Store the Nail Polish in the Fridge or not

There are various opinions whether nail polishes should be put in the fridge or not. On the one hand, your nail polish may not get dry, while on the other hand, it may become too thick and you won’t be able to apply it. Thus, you had better avoid storing the nail polish in the fridge.

7.  To Store the Moisturizer and Serum in the Fridge or not

There are some ingredients in these beauty products, which are more inclined to changes, if you store them in the fridge. Even in case your moisturizer doesn’t contain any oil, they are not recommendable to be put in the fridge.  

8.  Avoid Storing Makeup Pencils in the Fridge

To make the soft makeup pencils become solid, you may store them in the fridge. In case they become too hard, it will be difficult for you to apply them. Thus, you had better skip storing the makeup pencils in the fridge.

9.  Avoid Storing Foundations and Primers in the Fridge

Liquid types of foundations should not be stored in the fridge. The same is with another beauty product, which is called primer. Thus, you will not be able to use these products for a long time.

10.  Avoid Storing Lipstick in the Fridge

Lipsticks shouldn’t be kept in cold, as they begin sweating. There will appear droplets on your lipstick, which means that the wax is disconnected from the oil.

11.  Avoid Storing Mascara in the Fridge

Mascara is a beauty product that shouldn’t be stored in your fridge, as it becomes thick. However, you may put your waterproof mascara in the fridge, as its inconstant components condense while being in the room.

12.  Avoid Storing Oily Products in the Fridge

If you want to apply your oily products for a long time, you had better avoid storing them in the fridge.

We hope you are already acquainted with those beauty products, which may be stored in the fridge. Follow these recommendations and your products will be used for a long time.

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